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Measuring the Voltage Dependence of Current Transformers
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  • Helko van den Brom ,
  • Ronald van Leeuwen ,
  • Gert Rietveld ,
  • Dennis Hoogenboom
Helko van den Brom

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ronald van Leeuwen
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Gert Rietveld
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Dennis Hoogenboom
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A setup has been developed to determine the voltage dependence of the ratio error and phase displacement of current transformers (CTs) used for medium- or high-voltage (HV) applications. A shielded HV cable is used to protect the reference CT for the voltage applied to the CT under test. As a first step, a method was developed to determine and correct for the effect of the leakage current through this cable on the ratio error and phase displacement of the reference CT for voltages up to 24 kV.