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E-Commerce applications using Web-Services
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  • Sailesh Tirumala ,
  • Yatesh Laxman Kumar Gumma ,
  • Seethamraju Phaneendra, ,
  • Jinan Fiaidhi
Sailesh Tirumala
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Yatesh Laxman Kumar Gumma
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Seethamraju Phaneendra,
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Jinan Fiaidhi
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Web-Services can be referred as a family of technologies that standardized the communication of applications through world wide web in a cost-effective manner. Few of the major software vendors like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP are all embracing the web service standards into the newer versions of their applications which are web services enabled. All the constrains like cost, time, space for discovering, and e-business transactions can be solved easily by using web-services. With the introduction of these Web services design of the business application to provide service, integrating with other business entities, and conducting business transactions completely changed the working of a business organization. These web-services became a viable component in distributed E-Commerce platforms. In determining server response time, high speed communication systems along with computing capacity and network latency have become important. In web technologies a new model of architecture for distributed E-Commerce applications has been proposed which aims at integration and inter-operation between different platforms. In this paper we have proposed a model for developing an E-Commerce application using the Spring framework which helps in easy integration with other frameworks and solves most difficulties in an enterprise application development.