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Key Applications of State-of-the-Art Technologies to Mitigate and Eliminate COVID-19
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  • Sarfraz Nawaz Brohi ,
  • NZ Jhanjhi ,
  • Nida Nawaz Brohi ,
  • Muhammad Nawaz Brohi
Sarfraz Nawaz Brohi
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NZ Jhanjhi
Taylors University, Taylors University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Nida Nawaz Brohi
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Muhammad Nawaz Brohi
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COVID-19 has stunned the global economy and threatened human life. Due to rapidly emerging fatalities and enormous cases appearing every day, researchers across the globe are producing significant contributions to mitigate this pandemic. Besides the race for discovering a vaccine and treatment for COVID-19, there is utmost focus on flattening the curve by undertaking appropriate measures. The remarkable role of frontline medical practitioners, who are eagerly treating the affected people will be penned in the history books. The efforts of scientists and technologists will be remembered for their extraordinary contributions to assist healthcare professionals and governments in mitigating the threats of COVID-19. Leading technology firms have formed consortiums and research groups, which provide funding and free access to supercomputers for solving complex computational problems to eliminate COVID-19. In this research, we have unveiled five state-of-the-art technologies and their remarkable applications that can be used to mitigate and eliminate the problems of COVID-19. These technologies include Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Printing Technology (3DPT), Big Data Analytics (BDA), High Performance Computing (HPC) and Telecommunication Technology (TT). This research investigates the use of technology to encounter COVID-19 and aims to serve as the primary reference for promoting future research as well as developments to produce solutions for COVID-19 using AI, 3DPT, BDA, HPC and TT.