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Illumination Estimation for Nature Preserving low-light image enhancement
  • Dr. Anil Singh Parihar ,
  • Kavinder Singh
Dr. Anil Singh Parihar
Delhi Technological University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kavinder Singh
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In this paper, we proposed a new low-light image enhancement
approach to overcome the above limitations. The
proposed algorithm is named as Nature Preserving Lowlight
Image Enhancement (NPLIE). NPLIE estimates initial
illumination and performs optimal refinement. The proposed
algorithm computes the reflectance component through an
element-wise division of input image by illumination. The enhanced image is obtained as a product of adjusted illumination and reflectance component. In this work, we estimate initial
illuminance from structure-aware smoothening of a low-light
image using guided filters of variable box sizes. We compute
refined illumination by solving the proposed multi-objective