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Tcs evolution of CICC during Testing
  • Denis Kaverin
Denis Kaverin
All-Russian Scientific R&D Cable Institute (JSC “VNIIKP”)

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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139 conductors were manufactured for the magnetic system of the ITER toroidal field coils in total by 6 different teams based on 5 different suppliers of Nb3Sn wires. Despite the fact that all conductors and superconducting wires were manufactured according to the same criteria, there were some differences in the manufacturing technologies of the components themselves, and in the result of the acceptance tests. Samples of some of the conductors passed acceptance tests, where the dependence of Tcs on the number of cycles of inputting the operating current into the samples when they were in a magnetic field was determined. The results of these tests showed that there are not only quantitative, but also qualitative differences in the Tcs (N) dependence. These differences are also observed within the same supplier. It would be useful to understand which parameters most strongly contribute to Tcs (N) in order to possibly improve this characteristic. For this purpose, the article provides a statistical analysis of the test results of 49 samples of conductors. The results are being discussed.