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Information's Super-Speed and Adjustable Convey with Matter Wave's Non-Dispersive Propagation
  • xinye wang
xinye wang

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The Wave-Particle Duality is a basic property of microscopic particles. As a basic concept of quantum mechanics, the wave-particle duality theory from elementary particles to big molecules had been verified by lots of experiments. Different from electromagnetic wave, the matter wave’s propagation is not only fast but also adjustable. The group velocity with which the overall envelope shape of the wave , namely the related particle’s propagation and information convey speed is changeable with its wavelength. When the particle’s energy and wavelength, in its non-dispersive propagation, reach to definite values, the group velocity can turn to very high and perhaps is possible to exceed over the light speed in vacuum. Take electron as an example, if the free electron beam gains energy higher than around 4.094×10ˉᴵ⁴J and wavelength shorter than around 2.426×10ˉᴲnm, the group velocity could surpass the light speed in vacuum. According to the special relativity theory, the light speed in vacuum is the upper limit in the Universe and no matter can exceed over that. As the de Broglie hypothesis and the deduction in this paper do not take relativity theory as premise, the conclusion in this paper should be universality. Wish this paper could provide a different viewpoint for exploration of some scientific problems, such as Faster-Than-Light movement, quantum entanglement mechanism and so on