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High Step-Up High-Efficiency Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter
  • Ivo Barbi ,
  • Romero Leandro Andersen
Ivo Barbi
Federal University of Santa Catarina

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Romero Leandro Andersen
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This paper studies a high step-up DC-DC converter, derived from the DC-DC voltage-fed push-pull converter, which main features are magnetic and electric symmetry of the internal transformer, transfer to the load of the energy trapped in the leakage inductances, natural clamping of the voltages across the power switches and independent of the duty cycle, voltage across the active switches five times lower than the load voltage, high efficiency, and high power density. Operation stages, main waveforms, and design-oriented analysis and equations are included. A 1-kW, 50-V DC input, 500-V DC output prototype, operating at 40 kHz, was designed, fabricated, and tested in the laboratory, with a measured efficiency of 95% at rated power. The studied converter is suitable for renewable and vehicle electric power conversion systems.