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Two-Inductor Problem
  • Ivo Barbi
Ivo Barbi
Federal University of Santa Catarina

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The behavior of a circuit formed by two inductors magnetically decoupled from each other, with identical inductances or not, associated in parallel with a resistor, is studied in this article. It is shown that when the inductances of the inductors are identical, half of the initial energy is dissipated in the resistor, regardless of its value. For unequal inductances, the energy lost depends on the ratio between the values of the inductances, which can be greater or less than half of the initial energy. It is also shown that, regardless of the circuit parameters, whatever they may be, the algebraic sum of the magnetic fluxes of the two inductors is constant and equal to its initial value, not varying over time along the energy transfer process between the inductors.