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Real Time Wireless PPG & Respiration Rate Measurement and Data Acquisition System
  • Dipon Das ,
Dipon Das
University of Calcutta, University of Calcutta

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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RWPRRDAS is a wireless Photoplethysmography (PPG) and respiration measurement system which allows user to monitor the measured heart rate, blood pressure wave, respiration cycle and any other kind abnormality related to heart and its corresponding system. It uses a battery powered transducer to collect biomedical data and an android application to visualize the data in a proper manner and in a graphical way. This is a non-invasive type measurement procedure. This is a truly a mobile system which is easy to carry and operate. Since this device is not connected to power lines of AC applications and totally battery operated so there is no possibility of any electrical hazard in any case.
Nowadays, many biomedical transducers come with a custom-made processor with an inbuild display, which offers very low processing power to visualize the biomedical data properly and with an ease of access to almost every age. RWPRRDAS collects the data using transducer and uses the processing power of a modern android mobile phone so that visualization and determination of heart disease and abnormality in respiration mechanisms become easy and reliable. And the measurement of data through a wireless media provides hassle-free & user friendly usable limit to almost every person.