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Model Order Reduction for Lumped RC Transmission Lines
  • Farid N. Najm
Farid N. Najm
University of Toronto, University of Toronto

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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We start with a detailed review of the PACT approach for model order reduction of RC networks. We then develop a method that uses PACT as a preprocessing step to transform a generic lumped RC transmission line of some nominal order, based on a nominal (r,c) setting, into a parameterized circuit captured in a SPICE sub-circuit description. Then, given any other lumped RC line of the same order, we pass its (r,c) setting as parameters to this sub-circuit so as to automatically transform and reduce the line into a reduced order model without having to rerun PACT. In this way, we effectively characterize lumped RC transmission lines in a way that allows them to be reduced on-the-fly without any expensive processing.