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Optimization of the PointPillars network for 3D object detection in point clouds
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  • Joanna Stanisz ,
  • Konrad Lis ,
  • Tomasz Kryjak ,
  • Marek Gorgon
Joanna Stanisz
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Konrad Lis
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Tomasz Kryjak
AGH University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Marek Gorgon
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In this paper we present our research on the optimisation of a deep neural network for 3D object detection in a point cloud. Techniques like quantisation and pruning available in the Brevitas and PyTorch tools were used. We performed the experiments for the PointPillars network, which offers a reasonable compromise between detection accuracy and calculation complexity. The aim of this work was to propose a variant of the network which we will ultimately implement in an FPGA device. This will allow for real-time LiDAR data processing with low energy consumption. The obtained results indicate that even a significant quantisation from 32-bit floating point to 2-bit integer in the main part of the algorithm, results in 5%-9% decrease of the detection accuracy, while allowing for almost a 16-fold reduction in size of the model.