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Secret Key Generation Assisted by Intelligent Reflecting Surface with Discrete Phase Shift in Static Environment
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  • Xiaoyan Hu ,
  • Liang Jin ,
  • Kaizhi Huang ,
  • Xiaoli Sun ,
  • You Zhou
Xiaoyan Hu
PLA Strategic Support Force Information Engineering University, PLA Strategic Support Force Information Engineering University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Liang Jin
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Kaizhi Huang
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Xiaoli Sun
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Physical layer secret key generation is a promising candidate to achieve one-time-pad encryption approach for wireless communication system. The main issue of this method is the insufficient secret key rate. Especially in a static environment, the entropy of the channel complex coefficient is limited due to the lack of channel time-variation. To solve the problem, this paper proposes a novel secret key generation scheme assisted by intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) with discrete phase. We construct a dynamic time-varying channel by switching the phase of the reflection elements rapidly and randomly, and use channel estimation samples to update the secret key. Based on the common IRS channel model, we derive the expression of secret key rate. Monte Carlo simulation and numerical results show that the scheme can update secret key even if the channel coefficient is constant, and the secret key rate is higher than schemes based on artificial random signal. In addition, we comprehensively analyze the influence of various factors, such as the number of reflection elements and the IRS switching frequency on the secret key rate.
Sep 2021Published in IEEE Wireless Communications Letters volume 10 issue 9 on pages 1867-1870. 10.1109/LWC.2021.3084347