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Tracking multiple maneuvering targets hidden in the DBZ based on the MM-PHD filter
  • Weihua Wu
Weihua Wu

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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For a ground moving target indication (GMTI) radar, the presence ofDoppler blind zone (DBZ) results in many short tracks with frequent label switching, which seriously deteriorates the tracking performance. When the DBZ masking is coupled with targets maneuvering, tracking multiple maneuvering targets hidden in the DBZ becomes very challenging, which is reflected in the fact that there is no public research on this issue. To overcome this complicated problem, we propose a practical and fully functional GMTI multi-maneuvering-target tracker based on the multiple model probability hypothesis density (MM-PHD) filter. Unlike the standard MM-PHD filter, the proposed tracker utilizes the Doppler information and incorporates the minimum detectable velocity (MDV) to suppress the DBZ masking. Furthermore, to cope with the problems of the fixed initiation and no label output of the standard MM-PHD filter, the resulting MM-PHD filter with the Doppler and MDV information is augmented with measurement-driven adaptive track initiation and track label propagation, which are necessary for a practical tracker and also required for evaluating the overall GMTI tracking performance. Finally, numerical examples show that the proposed tracker outperforms significantly the existing ones, thus verifying its effectiveness.