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Classification Of Skin Lesions By Topological Data Analysis Alongside With Neural Network
  • Naiereh Elyasi ,
  • mehdi hosseini moghadam
Naiereh Elyasi
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mehdi hosseini moghadam
Kharazmi University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this paper we use TDA mapper alongside with deep convolutional neural networks in the classification of 7 major skin diseases. First we apply kepler mapper with neural network as one of its filter steps to classify the dataset HAM10000. Mapper visualizes the classification result by a simplicial complex, where neural network can not do this alone, but as a filter step neural network helps to classify data better. Furthermore we apply TDA mapper and persistent homology to understand the weights of layers of mobilenet network in different training epochs of HAM10000. Also we use persistent diagrams to visualize the results of analysis of layers of mobilenet network.