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Smart irrigation system based on IoT
  • arushi dheer ,
  • M. L. sharma ,
  • krishna tripathi
arushi dheer
maharaja agrasen institute of technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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M. L. sharma
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krishna tripathi
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Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. The Indian agriculture sector accounts for 18% of the gross domestic product and employs nearly 50% of the country’s workforce, with increasing population, water shortage and ever-growing demand for food. Since the acres of land available for cultivation remains unchanged, it is critical that we take steps towards increasing productivity and optimizing water usage to increase yield from the land currently available for cultivation. Soil Analysis has become an essential factor for effective cultivation. The need for the automated irrigation system is to overcome over-irrigation and under-irrigation.[1] This research paper proposes an automated irrigation system using Arduino microcontroller, which is cost-effective and can be used on a farm field or average home garden. IoT is an upcoming technology with huge prospects. IoT is a technology which connects things, people, applications, data. Internet of Things (IoT)is a shared network of objects or things which can interact with each other provided the Internet connection—using this technology to implement this system at a lower scale to act as a base model. With the implementation of this project at a large scale, it could bring a significant change in the overall yield and water consumption in agriculture.