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A PSF Approach to Far Field Discretization for Conformal Sources
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  • Rocco Pierri ,
  • Giovanni Leone ,
  • Fortuna Munno ,
  • Raffaele Solimene
Rocco Pierri
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Giovanni Leone
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Fortuna Munno
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Raffaele Solimene
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In this paper we introduce a sampling scheme based on the application of an inverse source problem approach to the far field radiated by a conformal current source. The regularized solution of the problem requires the computation of the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) of the relevant linear operator, leading to introduce the Point Spread Function in the observation domain, which can be related to the capability of the source to radiate a focusing beam. Then, the application of the Kramer generalized sampling theorem allows introducing a non-uniform discretization of the angular observation domain, tailored to each source geometry. The nearly optimal property of the scheme is compared with the best approximation achievable under a regularized inversion of the pertinent SVD. Numerical results for different two-dimensional curve sources show the effectiveness of the approach with respect to standard sampling approaches with uniform spacing, since it allows to reduce the number of sampling points of the far field.