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Contactless Thermal Detection System
  • Naman Gupta ,
  • Chhavi Vishnoi ,
  • Zamin Ahmed
Naman Gupta
Teerthanker Mahaveer University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Chhavi Vishnoi
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Zamin Ahmed
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In this COVID-19 pandemic situation as we know Offices are partially opened and
Schools and Colleges are about to open. So we have to face the situation with the
possible measures to reduce the spreading of the COVID19. We have to move on by
implementing strong protective measures while trying to keep the economy going.
According to WHO Some of most common ways to protect ourselves from COVID19 are
as follows:
● Take care in your workplaces.
● Take care of physical distancing.
● Take care to spread the word not the virus.
● What to consider for health before opening the workplace
● Take care of sanitization
● Take care of yourself.
In these most common and preferable ways to protect ourselves is Proper Screening
and if something went wrong in this then proper precautions.
So while the time of screening the one who is checking the temperature of everyone
can be more in danger, and this can also lead to more spread of virus. Because if while
screening someone who is Positive, the one who is screening the positive patient can
also get affected and after that he can affect more people by just screening them.
So at this time we need to find the alternative for screening everyone contactlessly. For
this we came up with a solution that is Contactless Thermal Detection which is made
with all the safety measures for the Organization or any public places where we
screening for temperature is needed for Covid. With this Employees, Workers,
Students, Teachers can record their temperature while entering their respective
workplaces contactlessly.