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Rectifying Metasurface with High Efficiency at Low Power for 2.45GHz Band
  • Sun Hong ,
  • Kanghyeok Lee
Sun Hong
Soongsil University, Soongsil University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kanghyeok Lee
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A novel rectifying metasurface presented that features high efficiency at low power applicable to wireless power transfer and energy harvesting. The proposed rectifying metasurface
is a two-sided structure consisting of modified electric inductive-capacitive unit cells on one side and a rectifying circuitry on the other, designed to resonate and rectify at 2.45 GHz. Each unit cell is directly connected to a voltage doubler rectifier, allowing the incident microwaves to be directly rectified upon reception. The impedance characteristics and rectification performance of the proposed rectifying metasurface are tested via numerical simulation
and measurement, respectively. The measured results demonstrate the overall conversion efficiency electromagnetic power absorption + rectification) of 75% at 0.4 dBm incident power.