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Fast Hierarchical Optimization Method for High Speed Channel Design Using Channel Operating Margin
  • Bo Pu
Bo Pu
Samsung Electronics

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper proposes a design flow for channel design by a fast hierarchical optimization method based on Channel Operating Margin (COM). Unlike the common design of experiment (DOE), the method performs the design by a hierarchical flow in the level of electrical characteristic while not the usual horizontal structure of physical parameters. It significantly reduces the number of huge samples used in DOE, and thus is able to offer a fast estimation approach for channel in the early design period. In each stage of the vertical flow, the electrical properties of component are extracted by 2.5D or 3D full wave simulator, and thus ensure the accuracy of the channel design. Design strategy for the most crucial discontinuity, Via, to achieve an impedance matching is addressed. Package effect on the COM is also discussed as a reference for adjusting the 3dB criterion of COM in the future.