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Class-based Flow Scheduling Framework in SDN-based Data Center Networks
  • Maiass Zaher ,
  • Aymen Alawadi ,
  • Sandor Molnar
Maiass Zaher
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Aymen Alawadi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sandor Molnar
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The emerging technologies leveraging Data Center Networks (DCN) and their consequent traffic patterns impose more necessity for improving Quality of Service (QoS). In this paper, we propose Sieve, a new distributed SDN framework that efficiently schedules flows based on the available bandwidth to improve Flow Completion Time (FCT) of mice flows. In addition, we propose a lightweight sampling mechanism to sample a portion of flows. In particular, Sieve schedules the sampled flows, and it reschedules only elephant flows upon threshold hits. Furthermore, our framework allocates a portion of the flows to ECMP, so that the associated overhead can be mitigated in the control plane and ECMP-related packet collisions are fewer as well. Mininet has been used to evaluate the proposed solution, and Sieve provides better FCT up to 50% in comparison to the existing solutions like ECMP and Hedera.