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Comparative Review of Brushless PMAC and PMDC Motor Drives
  • Rajesh Pindoriya
Rajesh Pindoriya
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper presents a state of the art on brushless
Permanent Magnet Alternative Current (PMAC) and
Permanent Magnet Direct Current (PMDC) motor drives. The
brushless PMAC and PMDC motor drives are the latest choices
of researchers due to their high efficiency, silent operation,
compact size, high reliability, and low maintenance
requirements. These motors are preferred for numerous
applications. An in-depth analysis of PMAC and PMDC motor
drives have been discussed. The Permanent Magnets (PMs)
motor drives can be classified into two categories, first is PMAC
motor drives, i.e. PMSM and the second one is PMDC motor
drives, i.e. BLDC motors. There has been a long
misunderstanding between the two ways of driving and
controlling a motor with no windings on the rotor but only
PMs. In this paper given a comprehensive analysis of both
motor drives. So, beginner of the research scholars are easily
able to understand about brushless PMAC and PMDC motor