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Data Collection in Sensor Cloud: Recent Advances, Taxonomy, Use Cases and Open Challenges
  • Ihsan Ali
Ihsan Ali
University Malaya, University Malaya

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In recent years, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) technologies are used in many important
areas, including weather forecasting, security, environmental monitoring, health care, and industry.
Nonetheless, due to the constraints of WSNs in terms of energy, processing, connectivity, computation and
data integrity. An important issue in this research field is the efficient management of the large number
of WSN’s data. Therefore, there is a need for strong and scalable high-performance computing and large
storage infrastructure for real-time processing and storage of WSN’s data. This article attempts to discuss
data collection methods in WSNs, sensor cloud, and IoT. Also, in this context, a general overview of
WSNs and sensor cloud platforms, including their definitions, architectures, and applications are given.
We investigate, highlight and report recent advances in data collection technology by categorizing and
classifying data collection methods in WSNs, sensor cloud, IoT and developing a taxonomy based on
these classifications. Furthermore, the analysis and synthesis of existing works in this research domain
is highlighted. The identification of key research challenges for future work and use case in this research
domain were also highlighted and discussed.