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Subjectivity Reducing In Software Version Criticity Classification With The Support Of An Expert System
  • Dacyr Gatto ,
  • Renato José Sassi
Dacyr Gatto
UNINOVE - Universidade Nove de Julho

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Renato José Sassi
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In the software version release management process, there is a need, on the part of human specialists, to classify the criticality of each software version However, the subjectivity of this classification may be present according to the experience acquired by specialists over the years. In order to reduce subjectivity in the process, an Artificial Intelligence technique called the Expert System (ES) can be applied to represent the knowledge of human specialists and use it in problem solving. Thus, the aim of this paper was to reduce the subjectivity in the criticality classification of the software version with the support of the Expert System.To this end, a questionnaire was developed with the objective of obtaining the criticality opinions classified as High, Medium and Low in each specialist’s software version to assist in the preparation of the ES production rules. ES generated 17 production rules with a 100% confidence level applied to a production database. The results of the classification carried out by the ES corresponded to the classification carried out by the specialists in the production base, that is, the ES was able to represent their knowledge. Then, another questionnaire was applied to the specialists in order to verify the perception of satisfaction regarding the use of the ES with a result obtained of 4.8, considered satisfactory. It was concluded, then, that the ES supported the reduction of subjectivity in the classification of the criticality of software version.