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Software Design Flaw and Security Assurance Gap in Component-based Application Security & Privacy
  • Dr.Faisal Nabi
Dr.Faisal Nabi
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Using existing functional business logic in social e banking was always encouraged by the early methods of  component reuse in banking. Although this concept is intriguing,  it results in a functional logic design error in the program, which  is why even the strongest security defenses can be readily  circumvented by a few hacking attempts. As a result, the  traditional approach does not meet contemporary business  criteria for e-commerce and e-business interfaces in modern  banking. The research team has evaluated and targeted banking  domain to serve as an example of the issue reuse of business logic and has then proposed a method of secure reuse of business  function and component reuse through existing banking  application. In terms of social interaction logic in order to meet  modern banking requirements in the context of a modern  economy is based on a comprehensive security assurance process,  which this paper has attempted to cover.