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A Dynamic Vacancy-Applicant Matching System Considering Locking Periods and Break-up Penalties
  • Shixuan Hou
Shixuan Hou
Concordia University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Online labor markets, which allow applicants to seek suitable jobs anytime and anywhere, offer greater flexibility than traditional offline labor markets. This paper investigates a dynamic matching system that assigns appropriate applicants to appropriate vacancies in the condition that the arrivals of applicants and vacancies are uncertain. The objective of the matching system is to obtain a stable matching solution for both applicants and vacancies. To this aim, we propose three dynamic matching algorithms for three different market settings. The theoretical proof of the stability of each matching algorithm is given, and we conduct a series of computational experiments to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed matching algorithms. The results indicate that the algorithms can be an efficient and effective tool for recruitment management in today's active and internet-based labor markets to reduce the administrative workload of human resource departments and produce stable job allocations.