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Humans are not Machines - Anthropocentric Human-Machine Symbiosis for Ultra-Flexible Smart Manufacturing
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  • Saahil Chand ,
  • Yuqian Lu ,
  • Lihui Wang ,
  • Juvenal Sastre Adrados
Saahil Chand
The University of Auckland, The University of Auckland
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Yuqian Lu
The University of Auckland, The University of Auckland

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Lihui Wang
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Juvenal Sastre Adrados
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Smart manufacturing is characterized by self-organizing manufacturing systems and processes that can respond to dynamic changes. We envision the rapid advancement of smart machines with empathy skills will enable anthropocentric human-machine teams that can maximize human flexibility and wellness at work while maintaining the required manufacturing productivity and stability. In this paper, we present a future-proofing human-machine symbiosis framework that features human centrality, social wellness, and adaptability. The essential technical challenges and methods are discussed in detail.
Jun 2021Published in Engineering volume 7 issue 6 on pages 734-737. 10.1016/j.eng.2020.09.018