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A Futuristic Survey on Learning Techniques for Internet of Things (IoT) Security : Developments, Applications, and Challenges
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  • Chintan Patel ,
  • Shubham Vyas ,
  • Pallabi Saikia ,
  • Denish kalariya, ,
  • naman parmar
Chintan Patel
Pandit Deendayal Energy University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shubham Vyas
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Pallabi Saikia
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Denish kalariya,
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naman parmar
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In today's era, internet-connected things provide immense opportunities to the world for enhancing the quality of lives through better data processing and intelligent decision making. Since the last decade, IoT brought numerous changes in people's personal as well as professional lives. With the enhancement in quality of lives, IoT also comes up with challenges such as security and privacy of data and devices. Every day, the attacker generates new zero-day attacks for IoT devices and data, and it's important to detect and protect the IoT eco-system from this type of attacks. Numerous researchers have proposed security schemes and methods to protect the IoT eco-system through either cryptography way or learning technique based way. AI and ML learning techniques have got immense popularity in handling the IoT security challenges as they are automatic in nature and can outperform provided the sufficient quality and quantity of data. Moreover, the AI techniques, including ML, DL and FL helps in intelligent decision-making and can also generate knowledge through its learning techniques. AI needs data to process, and IoT supplies the necessary data to process. In this paper, we provide a state-of-the-art survey for IoT security solutions proposed based on learning techniques. We provide an in-depth review of available learning techniques to solve critical security challenges such as IoT authentication, access control, anomaly detection and malware analysis. At the end, we also highlighted various futuristic technologies that can invigorate IoT research and help in the design of full proof IoT eco-system.