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DevOps-Driven Approach to Development in Cloud
  • Anita Nair
Anita Nair

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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DevOps, a prevalent terminology in organizations today, has evolved as a paradigm that once was SDLC. From the mammoth concept of the “WaterFall Model” to the more recent Agile Framework and the emerging DevOps methodology, the Software Development Life Cycle saw a huge business win in “Time to market”, over several other advantages like risk aversion, flexibility, requirement readjustments, collaboration etc. to name a few. This whitepaper elaborates on the various salient features of DevOps that shapes the way software releases are made today. DevOps is most suited to Cloud and this paper explains the way the two technologies synergize. Service Oriented Architecture is an architectural style that is essential in simplifying the business and this paper explains how DevOps facilitates creation of granular services that ultimately helps in attaining flexibility and agility of development and operations in Cloud.