October 18, 2022
A Tactile Skin System for Touch Sensing with Ultrasound Tomography
Manuchehr Soleimani and Tomasz Rymarczyk
October 18, 2022
EM-skin: an artificial robotic skin using magnetic inductance tomography
Gavin Dingley, , M Cox , Manuchehr Soleimani , et al.
June 25, 2021
A triple-modality ultrasound computed tomography based on full-waveform data for indu...
Panos Koulountzios , Tomasz Rymarczyk , Manuchehr Soleimani , et al.
March 12, 2021
Interior Void Classification in Liquid Metal using Multi-Frequency Magnetic Induction...
Imamul Muttakin and Manuchehr Soleimani