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DQ-Frame Admittance Estimation of Three-Phase Converters with a Wide Range of Operating Points
  • Hong Gong ,
  • xiongfei wang ,
  • Dongsheng Yang
Hong Gong
Aalborg University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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xiongfei wang
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Dongsheng Yang
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The dq-frame admittance of closed-loop controlled three-phase converters is a linearized model that is dependent on the operating points of the system. Yet, it is impractical to measure the converter admittance at all operating points. This paper, thus, proposes an approach to estimating the dq-frame admittance of three-phase converters at a wide range of operating points. The method applies multidimensional interpolation to a given set of admittance data, which is measured from the pre-defined operating points. The accuracy of interpolation is then evaluated by using the posterior error estimation method. The number of pre-defined operating points is next adjusted to find a good compromise between the accuracy and efficiency of the approach. Simulations and experimental results verify the effectiveness of the approach.