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Power Hotspots in Space: Powering CubeSats via Inter-Satellite Optical Wireless Power Transfer
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  • Marwa Qaraqe ,
  • Muhammad Usman ,
  • Ahmet Serbes ,
  • Imran Shafique Ansari ,
  • Mohamed-Slim Alouini
Marwa Qaraqe
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Muhammad Usman
Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ahmet Serbes
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Imran Shafique Ansari
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Mohamed-Slim Alouini
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We present the concept of power HotSpots wherein the bigger satellites in low earth orbits (LEO), having power generation capacity much larger than CubeSats, can transfer their excess energy to CubeSats in need, using optical wireless technology. This provides a business opportunity for larger enterprises having the capability of launching bigger satellites to sell their power to CubeSats. As a proof of concept, this article presents a basic simulation regarding optical wireless power transfer (OWPT) to CubeSats. In addition, we highlight future research challenges in this area to maximize OWPT.
Sep 2022Published in IEEE Internet of Things Magazine volume 5 issue 3 on pages 180-185. 10.1109/IOTM.001.001.2200071