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Spin Wave Based 4-2 Compressor
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  • Abdulqader Mahmoud ,
  • Frederic Vanderveken ,
  • Florin Ciubotaru ,
  • Christoph Adelmann ,
  • Sorin Cotofana ,
  • Said Hamdioui
Abdulqader Mahmoud
Delft University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Frederic Vanderveken
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Florin Ciubotaru
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Christoph Adelmann
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Sorin Cotofana
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Said Hamdioui
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By their very nature, Spin Waves (SWs) consume ultra-low amounts of energy, which makes them suitable for ultra-low energy consumption applications. In addition, a compressor can be utilized to further reduce the energy consumption and enhance the speed of a multiplier. Therefore, we propose a novel energy efficient SW based 4-2 compressor consisting of 4 XOR gates and 2 Majority gates. The proposed compressor is validated by means of micromagnetic simulations and compared with the state-of-the-art SW, 22nm CMOS, Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ), Domain Wall Motion (DWM), and Spin-CMOS technologies. The performance evaluation shows that the proposed compressor consumes 2.5x less and 1.25x less energy than the 22nm CMOS and the conventional SW compressor, respectively, whereas it consumes at least 3 orders of magnitude less energy than the MTJ, DWM, and Spin-CMOS designs. Furthermore, the compressor achieves the smallest chip real-estate. In summary, the performance evaluation of our proposed compressor shows that the SW technology has the potential to progress the state-of-the-art circuit design in terms of energy consumption and scalability.