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A variable-length window-wise parameter-dependent state of charge estimation by Kalman filters
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  • Bataa Lkhagvasuren ,
  • Minkyu Kwak ,
  • Hong Sung Jin ,
  • Gyuwon Seo ,
  • Sungyool Bong ,
  • Jaeyoung Lee
Bataa Lkhagvasuren
Chonnam National University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Minkyu Kwak
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Hong Sung Jin
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Gyuwon Seo
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Sungyool Bong
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Jaeyoung Lee
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This paper proposes a new window-wise state of charge (SOC) estimation algorithm based on Kalman filters (KF). In the first stage, the equivalent circuit model’s parameters are estimated by a least square estimation window-wise, assuming a linear SOC and open-circuit voltage (OCV) relation. The algorithm accurately estimates the parameters and observes the changes that depend on SOC. Moreover, based on the estimated parameters, the OCV values are identified. In the next stage, window-wise linear Kalman filter(ES-LKF) without hysteresis and extended Kalman filter (ES-EKF) and sigma-point Kalman filter (ES-SPKF) algorithm with hysteresis are executed to estimate SOC. Having fewer state equations and hysteresis parameters tuned up in an off-line way, the ES-EKF and ES-SPKF perform better than the algorithms considered in previous works. The algorithms are validated by experiments with real data obtained from lab tests.