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Application of cylindrical IE-GSTC to physical metasurfaces
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  • Srikumar Sandeep ,
  • Albin Gasiewski ,
  • Shaoying Huang ,
  • Andrew F Peterson ,
  • Shao Ying Huang
Srikumar Sandeep

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Albin Gasiewski
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Shaoying Huang
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Andrew F Peterson
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Shao Ying Huang
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This work validates cylindrical IE-GSTC by applying it to physical metasurfaces, i.e. metasurfaces defined by material properties and dimensions rather than by susceptibility tensor components. Previously reported IE-GSTC which was formulated for zero thickness GSTC discontinuity is extended to handle finite thickness of physical metasurfaces. A simple analytical approach is used to extract the bianisotropic susceptibility tensor of concentric, multilayered, magneto-dielectric shell. Plane wave scattering by a physical metasurface constructed of four segments of multilayered, magneto-dielectric metasurface scatterers is used as an example problem to validate cylindrical IEGSTC. A second example considers an opening on the cylindrical metasurface, confirming IE-GSTC can handle metasurfaces with openings. Good agreement is obtained between IE-GSTC results and full wave simulation results for both cases.
22 Sep 2023Published in Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications volume 37 issue 14 on pages 1162-1186. 10.1080/09205071.2023.2227624