December 29, 2021
Automatic Text Summaration of COVID-19 Scientific Research Topics Using Pre-trained M...
Sakdipat Ontoum and Jonathan H. Chan
December 29, 2021
Resume Parser with Natural Language Processing
Pornphat Sroison and Jonathan H. Chan
December 17, 2021
Krathu-500: Post-Comments Thai Corpus
Pittawat Taveekitworachai and Jonathan H. Chan
December 14, 2021
Question Answering Model in Thai by using Squad Thai Wikipedia dataset
Wicharn Rueangkhajorn and Jonathan H. Chan
June 11, 2021
Learning from Others: Daily COVID-19 Cases Prediction in India using Ensembles of LST...
Debasrita Chakraborty , Debayan Goswami , Susmita Ghosh , et al.
February 09, 2021
Hand Foot and Mouth Rash Detection Using Deep Convolution Neural Network
Naqibullah Vakili , Jonathan H. Chan , Worarat Krathu , et al.
February 05, 2021
Handwritten Pashto Characters Dataset for Optical Character Recognition
wahidullah mudaser and Jonathan H. Chan
February 08, 2021
A Data Mining Model for Predicting Diarrhea in Afghan Children
Abdullah Zahirzda , Gunt Chanmas , Jonathan H. Chan , et al.