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Modified Startup Delay Providing Circuit for Integrated Circuits
  • Darshil Patel
Darshil Patel
Government Engineering College Gandhinagar

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Power management in integrated circuits is critical and some ICs require voltages to be applied in a particular sequence. Integrated circuits consist of various distinct sub-circuits and power delivery to each of those circuits at the proper time is required for proper operation. Some examples are Subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC), switching voltage regulators, etc. Thus, startup delay circuits are necessary as they ensure the delivery of power to circuits at the appropriate time. Time delays are conventionally generated by resistor-capacitor pair but the time constant is very small, for higher time delay, we have to increase resistor-capacitor sizes which require more space and is not economical. In this paper, a new technique is proposed for the generation of sufficient time delays eliminating the need for larger resistor and capacitor combination. The proposed startup delay circuit is designed in 180 nm. CMOS process and simulated in LTSpice.