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Trustworthy AI for Educational Metaverses
  • Faseela Abdullakutty,
  • Adnan Qayyum,
  • Junaid Qadir
Faseela Abdullakutty
Robert Gordon University
Adnan Qayyum
Information Technology University
Author Profile
Junaid Qadir
Qatar University

Corresponding Author:


The metaverse-a 3D virtual universe is expected to significantly impact the education sector by making learning more accessible, personalized, and fun. The advancements in AI, blockchain, extended reality, big data, and cloud computing are the key enablers for the development of educational metaverses. The recent disruptions in AI, particularly, generative AI (GenAI) have transformed educational practices by generating human-like text, automating conversations, providing personalized learning experiences, and supporting students with disabilities. AI advancements together with immersive technologies hold immense potential to transform conventional education and learning by providing an interactive and immersive platform for seamless learning experiences. As GenAI advances, it is expected to generate more accurate and high-quality content, with future applications in the educational metaverse enhancing trustworthiness. This article contributes to background research on AI in education, a detailed study on the educational metaverse, a critical discussion on proactive measures to achieve trustworthy AI, and open research issues in the TAI in the educational metaverse context.
01 Feb 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
12 Feb 2024Published in TechRxiv