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Novel Highly Efficient In-Band Pump Wavelengths for Medium Slope Efficiency Holmium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers
  • Robert Tench ,
  • Wiktor Walasik ,
  • Jean-Marc Delavaux
Robert Tench
Cybel LLC

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Wiktor Walasik
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Jean-Marc Delavaux
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We report the design and performance of medium slope efficiency (64%) Holmium-doped fiber amplifiers (HDFAs) with novel alternative in-band pump wavelengths in the 1720–2000 nm spectral region. We demonstrate through simulations that pump wavelengths of 1840–1860 nm can yield significantly improved output power, gain, and optical-optical conversion efficiency compared to the previous technical and industry standard pump wavelength of 1940 nm. Our simulations are verified by experimental data.