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Analysis of Void Formation Mechanism in the Vacuum Reflow Soldering Process of Semiconductor Laser Diode
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  • Peidong Xu ,
  • Bin Wang ,
  • Yong Wang ,
  • Xiantao Wang
Peidong Xu
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Yong Wang
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Xiantao Wang
Changchun University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this paper, the vacuum reflow soldering technology for semiconductor laser chips in optoelectronic devices was studied and analyzed in a systematic manner. Through the study on the key elements in the reflow soldering process, such as the selection of solders, chamber vacuum, flux, and the pressure applied by the fixture on the chip, this paper focused on exploring the formation mechanism of voids in the solder layer when the device was resoldered. Also, the change in the movement of gas bubbles in the voids with changing reflow oven chamber conditions and its underlying law were analyzed, by preparing 200 C-package semiconductor laser diodes and verifying the reliability and stability of the theoretical analysis through inspection and test aging. which could provide a theoretical basis for the use of the vacuum reflow soldering technology to reduce the void rate in the soldering process of devices.