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A novel optimization approach for sub-hourly unit commitment with large numbers of units and virtual transactions
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  • Peter Luh ,
  • Yonghong Chen ,
  • Mikhail Bragin ,
  • Bing Yan
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Peter Luh
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Yonghong Chen
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Mikhail Bragin
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Unit Commitment (UC) is an important problem in power system operations. It is traditionally scoped for 24 hours with one-hour time intervals. To improve system flexibility by accommodating the increasing net-load variability, sub-hourly UC has been suggested. Such a problem is larger and more complicated than hourly UC because of the increased number of periods and reduced unit ramping capabilities per period. The computational burden is further exacerbated for systems with large numbers of virtual transactions leading to dense transmission constraints matrices. Consequently, the state-of-the-art and practice method, branch-and-cut (B&C), suffers from poor performance. In this paper, our recent Surrogate Absolute-Value Lagrangian Relaxation (SAVLR) is enhanced by embedding ordinal-optimization concepts for a drastic reduction in subproblem solving time. Rather than formally solving subproblems by using B&C, subproblem solutions that satisfy SAVLR’s convergence condition are obtained by modifying solutions from previous iterations or solving crude subproblems. All virtual transactions are included in each subproblem to reduce major changes in solutions across iterations. A parallel version is also developed to further reduce the computation time. Testing on MISO’s large cases demonstrates that our ordinal-optimization embedded approach obtains near-optimal solutions efficiently, is robust, and provides a new way on solving other MILP problems.
Sep 2022Published in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems volume 37 issue 5 on pages 3716-3725. 10.1109/TPWRS.2021.3137842