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A New Design of Dual-Axis Solar Tracking System with LDR sensors by Using the Wheatstone Bridge Circuit
  • mahdi saeedi ,
  • Reza Effatnejad
mahdi saeedi
Islamic Azad University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Reza Effatnejad
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The solar tracking system detects the astronomical position of the sun during the day and increases the output power of the PV panel by placing it in a suitable position relative to the angle of the sun's rays. Many solar tracking systems have been developed so far that either have not been able to move on two axes or have been based on geometric and astronomical equations and artificial intelligence, which are expensive. This study presented a new DAST based on LDRs, which adjusts the PV panel relative to the angle of the sun's rays by moving simultaneously on two axes. DAST is a very simple and cost-effective control system that utilizes Wheatstone bridge circuit function and LDRs. If this controller is used, it is possible to control PV panels on the metal structure both individually and in an integrated manner. Therefore, the experimental findings of this solar tracking system can help develop solar energy applications.