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Music Recommendation System based on Emotions in User's Social Media behaviour
  • Ravidu Perera
Ravidu Perera
University of Westminster

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The modern lifestyle makes people more competitive. It can lead to more stressful situations in our lifestyle. With the changes in human emotional behaviour, they tend to share their feelings on social media platforms rather than communicating with relatives. Studies proved that people used to listen to music to avoid emotional situations in their life. But there is no proper way to get the most accurate music to listen to and avoid emotional conflicts. Resolving these conflicts, the music recommendation system based on emotion introduced. It analyses the users' recent social media content and detects the various kind of emotions. To ensure that the suggested music is relevant to users emotions, the lyrics analysing was done using natural language processing techniques to identify the music emotions. Most people pay attention to the meaning of the songs, that was the major reason to consider the emotions of the lyrics.