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Lattice Cryptography based Geo-encrypted Contact Tracing for Infection Detection
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  • Mayank Dhiman ,
  • Nitin Gupta ,
  • Ujjawal Gupta ,
  • Yashwant Kumar
Mayank Dhiman
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Nitin Gupta
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Ujjawal Gupta
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Yashwant Kumar
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The world has already witnessed many epidemic diseases in the past years, like H1N1, SARS, and Ebola etc. Now, Covid-19 has also been added to list, which is declared as pandemic by World Health Organization. One of the most commonly used method to tackle the spread of such diseases is using mobile applications to perform contact tracing of the infected person. However, contact tracing applications involve transmitting sensitive location based data of the infected person to the government servers. Therefore, recently this has raised a lot of concerns regarding privacy of the infected persons. This work proposes a light-weight and secure encryption scheme, based on location based encryption which can be used to transfer the location data to the server without compromising its security. The main aim of the work is design an algorithm in such a way that the encrypted transferred data can only be decrypted at the server and in-between data leakage can be prevented. This work proposes to use location based encryption combined with Learning with Errors problems in Lattices, which can provide a solution to privacy concerns in contact tracing, which will even be applicable in the post quantum period.