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An Indoor AC Magnetic Positioning System
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  • Paolo Carbone ,
  • Guido De Angelis ,
  • Valter Pasku ,
  • Alessio De Angelis ,
  • Marco Dionigi ,
  • Mauro Mongiardo ,
  • Antonio Moschitta
Paolo Carbone
University of Perugia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Guido De Angelis
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Valter Pasku
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Alessio De Angelis
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Marco Dionigi
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Mauro Mongiardo
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Antonio Moschitta
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This paper describes the design and realization of a Magnetic Indoor Positioning System. The system is entirely realized using off-the-shelf components and is based on inductive coupling between resonating coils. Both system-level architecture and realization details are described along with experimental results. The realized system exhibits a maximum positioning error of less than 10 cm in an indoor environment over a 3×3 m2 area. Extensive experiments in larger areas, in non-line-of-sight conditions, and in unfavorable geometric configurations, show sub-meter accuracy, thus validating the robustness of the system with respect to other existing solutions.