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Deep-Learning-Based Non-Coherent DPSK Multiple-Symbol Differential Detection in Single-User Massive MIMO Systems
  • Omnia Mahmoud ,
  • Ahmed El-Mahdy ,
  • Robert F. H. Fischer
Omnia Mahmoud
Information Engineering and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ahmed El-Mahdy
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Robert F. H. Fischer
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In this work, non-coherent massive MIMO differential phase-shift keying modulation (DPSK) detection is considered to get rid of the complexity of channel estimation. However, most of the well-performing DPSK detection techniques require high computational complexity at the receiver. The use of deep-learning is proposed for detecting the transmitted DPSK symbols over a single-user massive MIMO system. We provide a multiple-symbol differential detection implementation using deep-learning. Two deep-learning-based multiple-symbol differential detection receiver designs are proposed and compared with differential detection (DD), decision-feedback differential detection (DFDD), and multiple-symbol differential detection (MSDD) for the same system parameters. Where multiple-symbol differential sphere detection (MSDSD) is used to implement MSDD. The results show that the proposed deep-learning-based classification neural networks outperform decision-feedback differential detection and achieve an optimal performance compared to conventional multiple-symbol differential detection implemented by multiple-symbol differential sphere detection.