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LoFFT: Low-voltage FFT Using Lightweight Fault Detection for Energy Efficiency
  • Mehdi Safarpour ,
  • Olli Silven
Mehdi Safarpour
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Olli Silven
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A simple method for enabling low-voltage energy efficiect operation such that is provided by near-threshold and sub-threshold votlage regions. This method supports Fast Fourier Transform to operate at very low voltage and detects if any computational errors occur. When an error is detected, the voltage is adjusted so that errors are removed. In this manner, always the lowest votlage and highest freqeuncy of operation is achieved. In this paper, on an exprimental platform we demonstrated the utility of the approach. Other platforms will have more or less same results.
Sep 2023Published in IEEE Embedded Systems Letters volume 15 issue 3 on pages 125-128. 10.1109/LES.2022.3212776