August 15, 2023
Optimal Countermeasures to Contingencies in Transmission Systems
Amer Mesanovic , Sarah Braun , Mirsad Cosovic , et al.
July 22, 2022
Large-Scale Multi-Area State Estimation from Phasor Measurement Units Utilizing Facto...
Mirsad Cosovic and Dejan Vukobratovic
April 11, 2022
State Estimation in Electric Power Systems Leveraging Graph Neural Networks
Ognjen Kundacina , Mirsad Cosovic , Dejan Vukobratovic , et al.
June 17, 2021
Distributed Weighted Least-Squares and Gaussian Belief Propagation: An Integrated App...
Dino Zivojevic , Muhamed Delalic , Darijo Raca , et al.