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Explicit Results for the Distributions of Queue Lengths for a Non-Preemptive Two-Level Priority Queue
  • Josef Zuk ,
  • David Kirszenblat
Josef Zuk
Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG)

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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David Kirszenblat
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Explicit results are derived using simple and exact methods for the joint and marginal queue-length distributions for the M/M/c queue with two non-preemptive priority levels. Equal service rates are assumed. Two approaches are considered. One is based on numerically robust quadratic recurrence relations. The other is based on a complex contour-integral representation that yields exact closed-form analytical expressions, not hitherto available in the literature, that can also be evaluated numerically with very high accuracy.
2023Published in SSRN Electronic Journal. 10.2139/ssrn.4574550