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Effect of Coil Dimensions on Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles
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  • Sahar Bareli ,
  • Lidor Geri ,
  • Yasha Nikulshin ,
  • Oren E. Nahum ,
  • Yuval Hadas ,
  • Yosef Yeshurun ,
  • Eyal Yaniv ,
  • Shuki Wolfus
Sahar Bareli

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Lidor Geri
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Yasha Nikulshin
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Oren E. Nahum
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Yuval Hadas
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Yosef Yeshurun
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Eyal Yaniv
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Shuki Wolfus
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We explore the effects of various receiver coil dimensions and configurations on power transfer efficiency and cost of operation, using advanced simulation tools. We demonstrate that the spatial distribution of the magnetic field leads to a non-monotonic dependence of the coupling coefficient on coil size. Thus, an optimal coil size, where the coupling coefficient peaks, should be regarded a crucial design parameter which affects the entire system performances. The incorporation of our findings into a multi-objective optimization algorithm is also discussed.