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Investigation of High Sensitivity Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors for -0.5…+0
  • Mikhail Basov ,
  • Denis Prigodskiy
Mikhail Basov
Dukhov Automatics Research Institute (VNIIA)

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Denis Prigodskiy
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The investigation of the pressure sensor chip’s design developed for operation in ultralow differential pressure ranges has been conducted. The optimum geometry of a membrane has been defined using available technological resources. The pressure sensor chip with an area of 6.15х6.15 mm has an average sensitivity S of 34.5 mV/кPa/V at nonlinearity 2KNL = 0.81 %FS and thermal hysteresis up to 0.6 %FS was created. Owing to the chip connection with stop elements, the burst pressure reaches 450 кPa.